The Patient Communications Gateway™ from Micro-Office Systems
Revolutionizing Communications Options Between Doctor and Patient™
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The Patient Communications Gateway™ is a comprehensive communications management software system that works hand-in-hand with medical practice management systems (PMS) and electronic health record systems (EHR) to deliver vastly streamlined and efficient communications between the professional practice and its patients.

Some of the communications enhancements that the Patient Communications Gateway™ may provide include:

  • Automated Appointment reminders (via e-mail, telephone or text message)
  • Automated Patient recalls (via e-mail, telephone or text message)
  • Printing Standard paper Statements and Statement mailing
  • eStatements (e-mail statements)
  • Patient on-line viewing of statements
  • Electronic payment posting and On-line bill pay for real-time credit card processing
  • Test result management and results notification
  • Marketing to patients
  • Customized solutions to meet your exact requirements

The Patient Communications Gateway™ includes a private, secure, password-protected access through which patients can communicate directly with their provider, view their account status and pay their bills.

The Patient Communications Gateway™ service offering from Micro-Office Systems provides medical professionals a complete package of office automation services that will reduce labor costs and increase patient interaction and satisfaction. The Patient Communications Gateway™ provides a unique combination of targeted communication solutions to make your practice or clinic run smoother, more efficiently and with lower overhead, allowing staff to focus more on patient care and less on paperwork!

Before making any decision about improving your practice or clinic administration and patient communications, take the time to review the benefits and low cost options available with The Patient Communications Gateway™ solution.

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